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Selling Your Home? Check Out These Tips For Roof Repair in Aurora

Smart homeowners get an inspection by a roofer in Aurora before they put their home up for sale!!!

The housing market in Colorado is still one of the busiest in the country even though it has slowed down a bit since the Covid-19 pandemic. But even in a thriving market an older damaged roof can slow down or even stop the sale of a home, especially if a leak has been allowing water in for a long time and has caused damage to other parts of the structure. This can make it a lot harder to close on a deal and you could also lose a lot on the initial asking price. As a top-rated service for roofing in Aurora, here are some tips if roof damage is mentioned from a potential buyer home inspection report.

1. You Disregard It

You lose the sale if you do not address the problem. Many potential home buyers will withdraw in the event that you do not plan to fix the issue or come down on your asking price. Furthermore, most insurance agencies will not protect the property for another purchaser because of present damages. This is a hopeless scenario for both parties involved.

2. File a Claim

Oftentimes, storm damage is covered under your homeowner's insurance policy if the roof is not past its warranted lifespan and the damage happened from a recent storm. This is uplifting news since you will not be out of pocket for a full roof replacement or renovations, yet the sale of the home will need to be pushed back. As a GAF Master Elite Aurora roofer, we know all about storm damage and can help get you the most from your insurance premium.

3. Assign Claim to Buyer

Similar to situation #2, you record a case but instead of repairing it while you are still in the home, you have the benefits from the claim transferred over to the new owner. You must realize that you will still be responsible for the charges of your deductible. However, this puts the obligation on the new owner to schedule to repair or replacement with a local Aurora roofing contractor of their choice. Not all insurance companies will do this so you need to ask for the specifics from your agent.

The most ideal situation is to take care of your roof before you list your home for sale. You would be surprised at how many homeowners fail to do this. Doing so will allow you to focus all of your energy on searching for your new home while your roof is being taken care of and ready to be sold. We also provide gutters and siding services to make sure your home makes a striking impression on all potential buyers! Improving the durability and curb appeal of your home will be sure to increase its value and help you get the most money out of the sale.

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October 19, 2020
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