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Littleton Roofing; How The Roof Protects Your Entire Home

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Its simple to see that your roof is a large part of the exterior of your home, but do you know just how important it is? Your roof is the leading defender of a home against the elements. It plays a larger role than you may think when it comes to the safety and well-being of your home. Some of the information here might be a shock to you. Knowing a trustworthy Littleton roofing contractor is the beginning step to keep your roof in optimal condition all year long. But knowing one isn't enough, scheduling regular inspections and maintenance is the key.

Water Damage

The main role of your roof is to protect everything below it from the outdoor elements. Together with your siding and windows, they prevent the elements from getting inside of your home. If your roof isnt properly maintained by a Littleton roof repair service, it's going to fail you. That means it could allow water into your home. When neglected, water entering your home can have a drastic effect on its structural integrity. Its no wonder that damage of this proportion is expensive.

Make sure you get a fall roof inspection to ensure your roof is ready to defend your home this winter!!!


Are you aware that a failing roof can cause your energy bill to increase? Thats because your roof helps keep all of your HVACs hard work inside your home. During the colder months, your roof and attic insulation help retain the heat inside your home. Low or damaged insulation, along with a failing roof will allow the heat to escape and permit cold air within. This can produce ice dams on your roof and mold in your attic, two dangerous problems you certainly want to avoid. During the summer, your roof system keeps the hot air out and the cold air in.


Critters and pests dont like severe weather either, so if its recently rained heavily or cold outside, theyre looking for a warm shelter. The last thing you want is for that to be inside your home. Your roof shields your home from becoming a pests nesting territory. If you have visible roof damage, don't rule out that a critter may be trying to get into your home. Don't wait, call a roof repair in Littleton immediately!

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September 24, 2020
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