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GAF Master Elite Certified Roofer and The Golden Pledge Warranty

A roofing warranty grants you peace of mind to know that you will enjoy in the benefits that your new roof will present for a long time, protected from any unplanned repair fees says. We have reached the highest level of certification with GAF Roofing Products as a Master-Elite Denver roofing contractor, which is kind of like having a doctorate in roofing. This achievement also enables us to sell the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty which is their best available that not many other Fresno roofers can offer.

Most roofing warranties will include some type of materials and/or factory warranty that will cover manufacturing errors but often times do not cover accessories like ridge caps or flashing. A workmanship warranty isn't always offered by every Denver roofing company, and some may offer up to 2 years if you are lucky. Often times the costs for labor, tear-off, disposal, and replacement of the old roof are not included, meaning you will be paying for this out of your own pocket.

Material Defect Coverage

The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty features a 50-year materials defect coverage that covers the entire roofing system, including such accessories as ridge caps, flashing, and starter strips. This is almost twice as long as the majority of other roofing warranties available on the market. Only a GAF Master Elite certified expert for roofing in Denver can offer the GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty, which is less than 2% of the roofing contractors available. This means you can expect a flawless installation throughout the entire process!

Workmanship Coverage

The GAF Golden Pledge Limited Warranty also comes with a 25-year workmanship warranty that includes the costs of installer certified tear-off and disposal, and lifetime coverage on the cost of installation and labor. A huge benefit is you won't deal with going back and forth between the manufacturer and your Denver roof repair pro. We have been given the authorization to complete ALL GAF warranty repairs.

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July 8, 2019
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