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Do You Know When Your Home Needs a Roof Repair Expert?

If you are a homeowner here in the Denver, Littleton, or Aurora, then the idea of having to repair or replace your roof may give you anxiety. In either case, when a roof has damage, it can go from bad to worse in a hurry regardless of how it makes you feel.

This is one of the most important reasons why regular inspections and maintenance with a roofing contractor in Denver is so valuable. What could and should have been a minor repair, ends up being a major renovation project, possibly even needing to have mold removed from your home! Identifying the characteristics of your roof damage and how severe it is with a premier roofer in Denver will go a long way in making a plan to make the needed repairs.

Animal Damage

Unquestionably underrated, critters can cause substantial damage. Squirrels and raccoons can easily chew passages through roof shingles and the wood decking to get into your attic. This sort of damage can be challenging to discern so it often goes unnoticed as the damages get worse.

A helpful course of action to catch something like this is to frequently monitor your attic for any evidence of animal invasion. Also, be sure to watch out for any water entering your home through your roof, too. Another helpful tip that experts for roof repair in Denver suggest is to have all of the tree limbs that are close to your home or dangling over your roof professionally removed.

Hail and Storm Damage

We get some pretty intense storms living here on the Front Range of Colorado. The large hail and hurricane-force winds we get frequently damage commercial and residential roofing in Denver. Not many things are designed to last forever, including your roof, so year after year the harsh Rocky Mountain elements take their toll on every roofing system. Even the best and most reliable roofing materials still need maintenance and TLC from time to time from a top-rated Denver roofing expert. Without it, your home may experience excessive moisture from leaks and mold formation.

Flashing Damage

Never neglect the flashing as it is a significant component of your roof. It is oftentimes the reason for roof damage. Flashing is needed to form a tight seal where the roofline convenes with a vertical surface like a vent pipe, skylights, chimneys, walls or dormers. Its job is to redirect moisture away from crucial areas and stop its penetration. As a GAF Certified Denver roofer, we always use the highest-quality flashing on all of our roofing projects.

Why Choose R3NG For Your Residential Roofing Needs?

Our objective is to be reliable and straightforward with all our clients. When we work on your home or business, we always operate with respect to your requirements and budget. With over a decade of roofing experience, our top-notch team of trained professionals has the expertise to install, replace, or repair your roof right the first time.

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February 24, 2020
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