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Tips From Roofing Contractors

Aurora roof repair

R3NG ImagesIf you are here you either have roof damage or are looking for ways to prevent it. Being a Aurora roof repair professional we know there are a lot of mysteries surrounding roof damage and what to look out for. We have a couple tips you can use to determine if you have damage and what to do if you think your roof is unsafe.

First, let us start with the basics. Your roof is the first lines of defense from the outside elements. It will not last forever. I know this sounds really basic, but sometimes it is good to look at things simplistically for a better perspective. On average with good maintenance and what some would call good luck your roof should last about 20-30 years; longer if you have a metal roof. Some of you might be thinking, Good I have a couple years before I have to think about it...And that would be WRONG! Unless your roof is brand new it should be checked on at the very least annually.

Next, when it comes to roof damage unless there was a major weather event where trees and debris fell on your roof, you will not experience the type of damage you may see in the movies. As roofing contractors what we see is a gradual breakdown/wear and tear that will happen over time that will compromise the integrity of your roofing structure. In other words, its a slower For the most part, it all starts with your shingles. They will tell the story on how well your roof is aging. If you have very old shingles you may see them starting to curl or bow. That is an indication that its time to call your roofer. Also, if you have missing or ripped shingles you should call your roofer.

There are a couple other things to mention without boring you too much. After a while, you may notice your shingles do not look as clean as they once did. In some cases, they just might be dirty, but in most cases, there is some damage there too. We know you are are not roofing contractors, but there are some things you can do on your own to be proactive. Periodically from the ground level look to see if there are any missing or cracked shingles. Depending on your home's elevation you may be able to see a lot or a little. If you are feeling Dare Devilish you can pull out the ladder and explore. You can also walk around your property to see if any shingles have flown off as well. They do not usually go far from the house.

Lastly, schedule an annual roof inspection. You would be surprised from year to year what can happen to your roof. Snow, hail, and wind can create a lot of damage over time. We would be more than happy to come out and take care of your residential roofing needs at any time. We are part of the GAF Master Elite and have years of experience making homes safe again and it would be our pleasure to make yours safe as well. Schedule your free estimate today.

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